Local Authorities Pensions Trust (LAPTRUST) has a history of more than 85 years, when it was established as a pension scheme for employees of the then Local Government Authorities. The basic objectives for Laptrust DB Scheme are to enhance returns while maintaining membership and ensuring a healthy funding level to ensure sustainability


Kenya local Government Officers Superannuation Fund begun its operations in 1929 as a pension scheme for employees of the then Local Government Authorities.


Scheme opened to all local authorities senior officers

Through Legal Notice No. 313 of 1963, new rules and regulations for the scheme were enacted, enabling all senior officers of Local Authorities to join the scheme, regardless of race, color or creed, as was previously the case.


Scheme Opened to All Employees of Local Authorities

Through amendments in 1993 to the KLGOSF Rules of 1963 , the scheme opened its doors to all cadre of employees of Local Authorities, whether salaries or non-salaried.



Kenya Local Government Officers Superannuation Fund dropped in favor of the more dynamic, Local Authorities Pension Trust, LAPTRUST.


Lap trust closed its DB scheme to new members

The Laptrust DB Scheme closed its doors to new members in 2012 and in a new Defined Contribution Scheme, Laptrust (Umbrella) Retirement Fund, was registered to meet the retirement needs of new employees within the then Local Authorities of Kenya.


Vision & Mission

“To improve the quality of lives of members”

“To provide innovative retirement benefits that enhance the socio-economic welfare of all the contributors and beneficiaries”.

Core Values

The scheme is guided by five critical Core Values namely: Team spirit, Innovativeness, Professionalism, Integrity and Customer focus.



  1. Benefits are tax-exempt up to the set limit
  2. Trivial Pension - Pensioners earning less than 5, 000 may choose to be paid a one-off lump sum.
  3. Benefits are paid till death of principal member
  4. In case of death, next of kin is paid 50% of members' gross pension
  5. The surviving spouse is paid for a period not exceeding 21 years
  6. NHIF membership continuation for Pensioners


The Board of Trustees is the Trust’s governing body and is responsible for the corporate governance of the Trust. Under the Law of Trusts, the Trustees are the legal owners of the Assets of the Scheme on behalf of the members and other beneficiaries.

Calvin Nyachoti

Mr. Nyachoti is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya and currently the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees. He has previously held the positions of Board Secretary and Senior Legal Counsel at the Retirements Benefits Authority and the position of Corporation Secretary & Head of Legal Services Department at Kenyatta National Hospital. He holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from Daystar University and a Master of Law degree from the University of Nottigham in UK. He is a certified public secretary and holds qualifications in leadership and team skills, strategic leadership development as well as corporate governance. Calvin joined the Board in August 2015 as an independent member of the Board nominated by the Law Society of Kenya.



Hosea Kili, OGW

Mr. Kili, an advocate of the High Court of Kenya is the Group Managing Director of CPF Financial Services Ltd. He holds a Master of Business Administration from the Management College of South Africa. He is a Fellow and Member of the Institute of Certified Public Secretaries of Kenya (ICPSK) and a Member of Kenya Institute of Management (KIM). He is also an active member of the Law Society of Kenya (LSK). He is a Council Member of ECASSA and sits on several Boards including the Institutional Consultants Ltd (ICL) and Nairobi Securities Exchange Ltd (NSE). Mr. Kili was awarded the Presidential Order of Grand Warrior of Kenya in December 2011 and the 1st and 2nd Runners-up CEO of the Year at the COYA Awards 2013 and 2012 respectively.



Micah Pkopus Powon, CBS

Mr. Micah Pkopus Powon is the Current Principal Secretary, Ministry of Devolution and Planning, State Department for Devolution. Prior to this appointment, Mr.Pkopus served as the Principal Secretary, State Department for Correctional Services, a position he held from November 2015-May 2017. Mr.Pkopus has held various senior positions with state Agencies including Cotton Development Authority(CEO), Kenya National Standard Council (Director)Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, KARI as research Director, National Irrigation Board among others and has also been involved in numerous community development projects in horticulture. Mr Powon is a renowned researcher in Agriculture and has published various journals in research in the field. Mr.Powon holds a bachelors of science degree in Agriculture and a master of science in horticulture from university of Nairobi and Egerton Universities respectively.



Millicent Omukaga

Millicent is currently a Senior Consultant at Nuru Consulting Limited with interests in research and consulting in the Financial Sector Development, Enterprise Development as well as gender. Millicent also has a wealth of over 15 years experience in financial services in Africa. She is a certified Microfinance Trainer of Trainers for the World Bank TDLS, a Social Performance Facilitator and an active member of the Social Performance Taskforce. She is also a certified accountant, Auditor, strategy and change management professional. Millicent Holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Nairobi. She is currently pursuing her PhD in development studies at Eramus University in Rotterdam. She has served as a board member in various capacitates such as Committee Member in the Board of Association of Professional Societies of East Africa (APSEA). She was a Commissioner and Chair of the Board Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee of the Commission for University Education, Kenya, and among others. Millicent joined the Board in February 2016 as an independent member of the Board nominated by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya. (ICPAK).



Festus Ngari

Mr. Ngari is an accountant with more than 9 years of working experience in revenue related areas at the Nairobi City County. He currently holds the position of Senior Procurement Officer at the Nairobi City County. Festus is a holder of CPA (K) and CPS (Part 3) and is currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Commerce (Finance Option) from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. Mr. Ngari joined the Board in August 2015 where he represents the Kenya County Government Workers Union.



Joseph Leonard Otina

Mr. Otina is a former Manager of Ngethu Water Works (Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Co. Limited) prior to which he was the Chief Superintendent in the same institution. He holds a post-Graduate Diploma in water engineering from Loghborough University and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Nairobi. He has also attended several short courses on quality assurance, resource management and pollution control. Mr. Otina joined the Board in August 2015 where he represents pensioners.



Abdikadir Sheikh Hassan

Abdikadir is an Advocate of the High Court and currently the County Assembly Speaker of Mandera. He is also an executive member of the County Assemblies Forum (CAF).

He holds a Bachelors of Laws Degree from the Birkbeck College University of London as well as a Post graduate Diploma from the College of Law in London. Mr. Hassan joined the Board in February 2016 where he represents the Association of County Governments of Kenya.



Anne Njeri Mwangi

Anne is currently the Managing Director of Oloolaiser Water and Sewerage Company Limited. She has previously held other senior management positions such as Regional Manager, Athi Water Services Board, Nairobi Region Manager National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation, Senior Engineer, Corporate Services Department at National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation among others.

Anne is a registered Graduate Engineer by the Engineers Registration Board. She also holds a Master of Science Degree in Engineering from the Tampere University of Technology, Finland and a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Nairobi. Anne joined the Board in February 2016 where she represents the Interests of Water Service Providers Association.

Office Address

Local Authorities Pension Trust

1st Floor, CPF House, Along Haile Selassie Avenue

Tel: +254 20 2046901-5

Mobile: +254 (0)720 433 354


P.O. Box 28938-00200, Nairobi

Open Hours

Monday to Friday: 8-00am to 5-00pm

Weekends and Public Holidays: Closed

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